The 411 on our Mera Mera T-shirt release.

We just wanted to say ‘hi’ and introduce you to a couple of things in our shop!

Last week, we went live on FACEBOOK to share about our new collaborations. We answered some of the questions we got about our Mera Mera T-shirt.

1. La Mera Mera is the big boss. She is the boss of all bosses. The badest of all badasses.

2. The shirt is available in SM-3x.

3. This is a collab with the artist best known for her Barrio Love is work, Amber Tilden.

4. Like all our shirts, produced here in Cali by SRVNTZ

So, are YOU a Mera Mera? Let us know! If you love this shirt. You can still get one at HERE.

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