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How can women empower each other? How do we develop self love and confidence? At Living Firme, the answer is simple. We PRACTICE!

After two AMAZING days of serving both civil servants and inmates in the central valley, Living Firme had the pleasure of facilitating a self care and wellness workshop in Fresno that was open to the public.

Angel Aviles is a latina entrepreneur who most recognize as Sadgirl from Mi Vida Loca. Many people showed up as fans but as you can see from the video, they left with so much more.

@liz.a.fraire thank you for taking a giant leap of faith and opening up your future location @cafealchemyfresno That spot is going to be an incredible space for healing and connection. A huge thank you to our client Reyna Cazares for putting us in touch with such a great spot. And mil gracias to Alex Navarrete aka @LIDIOSX209 for this video and your incredible ability to both film and keep the space sacred. 🙏🏽

Latina self care and empowerment events are so important for our well being as well as for the well being of our community. WE will be doing a video in the future about how you can create your own events. So stay tuned!

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New Shop Drop: La Mas Extra!

By Angel Aviles…

For most of my life, I have been told I am too “______ !”


The list of things I have heard goes on and on. I used to be bothered. Twisting myself into this or that to accommodate the things I was missing until I realized that… there’s NOTHING MISSING! As a matter of fact I may actually be “too much” for some but I am so good with that. I do me. I wear what I like, say what I feel, serve whom I please, befriend those I choose… I love HARD and let myself FEEL. I am La MAS EXTRA! And I happen to be part of a tribe of La MAS EXTRAS.

Thank you @artbyannaalvarado for capturing this tribal slogan for @LivingFirme! I truly LOVE IT. Thank you also to the printer of these amazing mugs, Maritza of MG Custom Printing