Living Firme in IDAHO

Never in a million years would We ever have suspected a town in Idaho would be on our list of places to visit. But Caldwell, Population roughly 50k welcomed us with open arms.

We have had the privilege of traveling to many places. It never ceases to amaze us how much of an impact Mi Vida Loca had and how important it is for us to be a positive influence in our current climate.  We LOVE connecting with our fans, who treat us like family.  We love promoting unity because right now, too much is going on for us to be anything but supportive.

At every event, there is one thing that usually stands out the most. This trip, aside from having a host who was respectful and HILARIOUS, (big shout out to Sonny from Jefito Hats) there was a moment that we got to share with a couple of young ladies. One was ten, and her older cousin was seventeen. They wanted to ask us some questions so of course we obliged. We all sat at a booth, chatting like long, lost friends.  The girls told us tales of being bullied and misunderstood. Then the youngest asked how we got to be so confident.

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We explained to her that there are two ways to practice confidence. One confidence comes from the outside. You can see it in the flick above. The chola stands erect and proud. She may be facing the scariest moment of her life but she stands tall and ready. Don’t get it twisted and take physiology for granted. What we do with our body affects our mood. SO when your parents got on you to sit up straight, they were actually giving you some important biological information!

The ‘other’ confidence comes from the inside. There is a confidence that comes from knowing who you are and  just being fine when you are just being yourself. This confidence requires the development of a voice loud enough to silence the critics (both inner and outer). It comes from daily affirmations, a quiet mind, and the development of a belief and focus on knowing that we are ALWAYS  in the right place at the right time.

When your inner and outer confidence meet, it’s quite magical. You suddenly find yourself overcoming so many of the obstacles you formerly thought impossible.

We are honored beyond belief to have been a part of this. And humbled beyond words that you love it.


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We know that it has been a quick minute since our last email but we blinked and we’re already halfway through the month of February!  We just want you to know that it’s on and crackin’ here at Living Firme.

A few weeks ago we had an incredible workshop.  We were able to open up, set new goals, and create a vision for 2018.  

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Consejito  for the day…..

We Are Grateful For You!

Thank you for taking the time to support our mission of sharing how to live FIRME.

Until next time familia.

Just know you’re always given a second chance, you’re created to be Living Firme!

Al Rato,
~ Sadgirl & Sparkles

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