Book Living Firme For a Wellness Workshop or Training

Our workshops, tend to surprise people, especially those who might be inclined to judge a book by its cover! We deliver the unexpected… and we love it. We produce engaging and interactive events, that span a broad range of categories. From business networking to wellness and empowerment, we create a space that’s safe to learn, share and of course HAVE SOME FUN.

Slide Descriptions are as follows:

  1. The Living Firme Wellness Workshop at the Training Managers’ Seminar (TMS) in San Diego.
  2. The Living Firme Motivational Workshop For Women in Phoenix.
  3. The Living Firme Motivational Workshop For Men in Pomona.
  4. Wellness Training For Corrections Officers.
  5. Wellness Training for Inmates.
  6. Motivational Speaking at Scholarship Event in Colorado.
  7. Living Firme Motivational Workshop For Women in Los Angeles.
  8. Wellness Training For Corrections Officers in Riverside.
  9. Living Firme Motivational Workshop For Women in Fresno.

We have written a description above, that outlines the types of workshops we produce to give you a bit of an idea. But truthfully, they are all very different. It’s kind of hard to fully describe and because of the intimate nature of our trainings, not easy to film.

In the video below, some women share a bit about their experiences.

For details about some of our previous events visit these Blog Posts. If you have a group that you would like us to do a workshop for, please email Sparkles (SUBJECT: Workshop)