Book Living Firme For a Pop Up or Event

On a regular basis we produce some incredible events that span a pretty broad range of categories. We tend to surprise people, especially those who might be tempted to judge a book by its cover… and we love it.

We have written a description below outlining the types of events we produce to give you a bit of an idea. But truthfully, they have all been so different, it’s kind of hard to fully describe.  For details about some of our previous events visit these Blog Posts.

Event Types:

Mi Vida Loca Meet and Greets. These are by far our most popular events. They are so much fun!  Our screenings and signings have taken place in so unique spots. We have done meet in greets in theaters, night clubs, malls, car shows, restaurants, you name it. If you have a show or event you would like some of the Mi Vida Loca Cast to make an appearance at, please email Sparkles (SUBJECT: MVL Event Appearance)

Wellness Workshops. We are so proud of the work that we do within our community. We have had the chance to take the years of study Angel invested in her own wellness journey and share it with the world. We started these workshops in 2018 and by 2019 were certified trainers with the State of California. Burnout and stress are leading causes of so many ailments that strike not only our community but all Americans. We are honored to do our part to help others find simple ways to deal with the stress of their lives.We use storytelling and humor  to deliver our workshops in our very unique way. If you have a group that you would like us to do a workshop for, please email Sparkles (SUBJECT: Workshop)

Living Firme PopUps.  With Sparkles as a co-owner, we had to build our empowerment brand with a just hint of fashion. Our gear is available online but we have also done PopUps to fundraise and vend. If you are interested in collaborating with Living Firme as a PopUp, please email Sparkles (SUBJECT: PopUp)

Networking Mixers, and Marketing Classes .  In  less than 2 years, Living Firme went from a hobby to a business. We did it the hard way and made a lot of mistakes. We have a weekly Mastermind that focuses on small business. We share our strengths and weaknesses in the same open, easy and relatable way that represents our brand . Our clients rave about our advice and style. If you would us to be guest speakers regarding marketing tips or trends, please email Sparkles  (SUBJECT: Marketing).