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Our personal and professional development training style is inspired by the Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) strategies developed by renowned multicultural educator, Dr. Geneva Gay. CRT uses the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, frames of reference, and performance styles of ethnically diverse students to make learning more relevant and effective. These aren’t just training strategies for minorities, they’re good strategies for everyone.

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzz words. Real efforts in these areas should lead to more welcoming and supportive environments. We are proud to say that we are “disruptive” instructors because some of our training borders on the theatrical. We deliver the unexpected, and our participants love it. Our workshops tend to surprise people, especially those who might be inclined to judge a book by its cover!

We produce engaging and interactive events that span a broad range of categories. Authenticity, expertise, and approachability are what make our events successful and memorable. Whether it’s wellness at work or community empowerment training, we create a safe space to learn in, share in, and have SOME FUN.

For a glimpse at some of our favorite events, view the photo gallery above. Our trainings are for civil servants, small business owners, and community organizations. We aim to serve all members of our community, especially those from marginalized populations and` limited exposure to the benefits of self care and mental wellness.

  1. Wellness Training at the Training Managers’ Seminar (TMS) in San Diego.
  2. Abundance Mindset in El Monte California.
  3. Wellness Training For Corrections Officers.
  4. Empowerment Workshop For Women in Phoenix.
  5. Motivational Workshop For Men in Pomona.
  6. Wellness Training for Inmates.
  7. Keynote Speaking at Scholarship Event in Colorado.
  8. Empowerment Workshop For Women in Los Angeles.
  9. Wellness Training For Corrections Officers in Riverside.
  10. Motivational Workshop For Women in Fresno.

Due to regulations and restrictions, we can’t share some of our photographs at correctional facilities or of the inmates we have served. But as you can see, we have a diverse offering of types of training workshops that we produce, as well as different industries and populations. Each workshops is quite different. Even with a similar curriculum, the way the participants interact can vary significantly.

We invite you to watch the short video below, and listen to some women share about their experiences at our event.   

If you have a group that you would like us to do a workshop for, please fill out the form below. Please note that training and workshops are available online only until further notice.

For additional details about some of our previous events visit these Blog Posts.