Celebrating the Women of GRYD

The Mission of The GRYD Foundation is To create safer, healthier and stronger communities that we all can enjoy and be proud of, starting in Los Angeles…one individual and one family at a time.

We had the honor of celebrating a group of Chingonas who, without a lot of pomp and circumstance, make Los Angeles a better place. These woment come from all walks of life but have one mission, to help our kids and our community.

We love that the retreat was focused on Wellness and self-care. Burnout is a BIG issue among first responders. Although, these women are not firefighters PER SE… it’s undeniable that they put out all kinds of fires, on the daily. Wellness, mental health checks, and self-care are a huge success factor for anyone who serves, as a job or as a volunteer. Bravo to the GRYD Foundation for making this retreat available for these amazing mujeres.

We could not be more proud of our ability to serve the people in the field, putting in the work to help others.

We had a BLAST with these ladies celebrating the women of @grydfoundation Thank you to all the ladies who fearlessly and lovingly serve our communities. Thank you to @iamcecevalencia @straightfromthestreetsradio @sparkles_sparkles_1 @livingfirme @choppedupcherries for your hearts and of course for the laughter. 💕 #goodtimes 💕

You can learn more about the Gang Reduction & Youth Development Foundation by visiting the website https://grydfoundation.org/

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