Creativity and Your Well-Being

As an artist, I always knew there was a connection to my personal well-being and the ability to exercise creativity. As I explored the scientific evidence linking creativity to wellness, I knew what I needed to do for myself and for my community. Living Firme wellness training and workshops incorporate several techniques that are artistic in nature. I love bringing a bit of theater to environments that least expect it. I am equally thrilled to see even the most introverted attendees express themselves through words and color.

People seem to have the misconception that only a select few can unleash a steady creative genius flow. That is not true at all. The fact is, creativity is very much like a muscle that needs to be exercised to consistently give out great results. If you don’t practice harnessing creative thinking, this skill will very much atrophy and seem to disappear. But keep working, and this skill will soon come to you in a snap, and the benefits may prove to be more rewarding than you ever imagined.

If you’ve listened to our interviews with CraftyChica, Rebel Mariposa, Doll-E Girl, or Myra Alex (aka) La Tiny, you might be inspired to explore your creative side. However, if you found yourself doubting your own ability to be creative, you are not alone, and this post is for you. 

So how do you unleash your creative thinking?

The first thing is to become a human sponge and soak up as much inspiration as you can find. Read everything available, listen to music, sing, dance and most of all– stop being so judgemental, especially towards yourself. Learn to keep your mind open. The more you explore the infinite possibilities of creativity in the universe, the more your faculty of wonder will be exercised. Prepare to be amazed at little triggers that can spark an imaginative fire—imagination births innovation, so let yourself play!

Focus on a creative activity every day. 

Yes, it’s an effort. Even doodling is a creative activity. Do not let anything hinder you—practice drawing for a couple of minutes each day. Bring out your old camera and start snapping photos like crazy. Keep a journal and make a point to write in it religiously. 

“Doing creative things today predicts improvements in well-being tomorrow. Full stop”  

Dr. Tamlin Conner University of Otago

Who knows, you might actually take to liking those things you do every day. Pretty soon, those things will become a part of you, and you’ll be addicted to these creative exercises.

Think out of the box — or don’t. Sometimes, constraints are actually a good thing. Limitations discipline you to work within your means. It enables you to be more resourceful. 

Try something new every day!

Let new experiences broaden your perspective. Explore a new part of your neighborhood. Even if you have lived in the same place your whole life, challenge yourself to see something new. Spend an afternoon in a museum. Chat up someone on the bus. Open up to the people around you. As you thrust yourself out of your comfort zone more and more each day, your sense of adventure grows, and so does your zest for life.

Think about it. When was the last time you did something for the first time? If it’s been a while, you’ve been missing out on a whole lot of experiences that could’ve added to your growth, emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Challenging yourself to try something new will allow you to learn and give you plenty of stories to share. Who doesn’t love a good story? Storytelling skills don’t just make you the life of the party; these skills transfer onto screens, stages, and into boardrooms as well.

Embrace insanity. As John Russell once said, “Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting” Many creative thoughts were once deemed insanity by “normal” people at one time or another. Luckily, that didn’t stop the creative geniuses from standing by them. 

I hope this article has inspired you to start thinking beyond your “limits.” If you follow these steps pretty soon, you’ll be living a life full of exciting adventures. Unleashing your creative thinking will bring about a new zest for living life. 

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