Diversity in Tech with Selina Suarez: Inspiring Latinas Interview

Selina Suarez, MBA, CSM, CSPO, PMPIII, and Executive Director of PepUp Tech, is a TOTAL Chingona in the tech industry and in LIFE. She has an MBA from St. John’s University and a list of honors and awards a page long. I knew I had to meet her when I read about the company she founded to diversify the tech industry.  We communicated online for a bit and met in person at Dreamforce in 2017. In three years, I have learned that she is one of the bravest, most passionate and empathetic people I know.

If you or someone you know feel like you have a past that keeps you from achieving great things, I urge you to listen to this interview. Selina grew up in poverty. The odds of her succeeding were stacked up high against her. But she prevailed, and now she helps others to achieve their dreams as well. Since this interview, I have become a Pep-Up Tech board member, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work being done to train underserved students to enter the lucrative field of technology.

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Currently, the tech industry offers some of the highest paid jobs, but it is one of the least diverse industries. The numbers for black and brown people are dismal, and Selina wants to change that, one student, at a time. PepUp Tech is a non-profit dedicated to enabling community-based organizations to offer computer science and technology programs to underrepresented people. Their goal is to inspire individuals to learn about computer science and technology, gain access to people and careers in these industries and ultimately give back to their communities. https://www.pepuptech.org/ 

This is not just another success story. The fact of the matter is that we, as Latinas are an underrepresented group in media created to inspire. This series was created to inspire women (and men) from all walks of life, dream big, and improve mental and physical health and increase spiritual, emotional, and financial consciousness. 

Written and Produced by Angel Aviles for Living Firme

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