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Nothing Beats Some Time in Abuelas Kitchen…

Isn’t it crazy that you can live in a place and not know a fraction of the jewels that exist within a 2 hour drive? Sparkles and I live in Los Angeles. I am on the WESTSIDE, with beaches and shops and all that Los Angeles is typically known for. Sparkles is on the Eastside, closer to the neighborhoods that have not YET been gentrified. We travel across the country and have had many great adventures.

One of our best days was spent with our friend Silvia, creator of the popular Youtube channel “Abuela’s Kitchen” and also her newest channel “Mas Masa”.  🙌🏽 We were so happy to pick veggies and spend part of the day with the oldest (and cutest) Latina celebrity on Youtube!

Thank you so much Silvia,  for the tour of the IE and for sharing your family. 🙏🏽

Muchas Gracias…

To @ogpecas1954, owner of Royal Tattoo in Perris, for the ride in your firme BOMB as well as the knowledge you shared at the museum! Our minds are blown and our hearts are full.Check out Silvias video too. She is an expert vlog producer and you can tell by the amazing quality of her work!

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