Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Living Firme

There are currently over 1.4 million Latina-owned small businesses in the United States. Contrary to some of the former stereotypes formed about us, we are not just sitting on our asses waiting to be rescued. We are working our jobs, we are raising our families and so much more. Some of us are formally educated, some of us are not. We have dreams and we also have SIDE HUSTLES.

Living Firme is all about supporting ALL of the complicated nuances of today’s Latinx entrepreneur. That’s why we started our Networking Events and Mastermind Groups. We realized that we are an evolving community and we need advice, mentorship and skill sets. We realize that if we are to grow, we need to learn new ways to market, network and collaborate and we want to do it within our community whenever and wherever possible.

We could not be more proud of our group members. They are from diverse backgrounds and each one is a total chingona. If you have a business, you may want to consider joining our weekly Mastermind. 

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