How to Get Over 1,000 People to Your Next Event!

We have had night markets in Texas, California and now Phoenix. Each market is different but all have been packed full of people, memories and FUN!

Our Phoenix market was a success. We received over 1,000 people. I think San Antonio may have been larger but anything in the 1k range is HUGE. So you want to know our secret to bringing in a crowd huh?

In a word… C-O-L-L-A-B-O-R-A-T-I-O-N.

People will often ask what it takes to get us to pop up in their town. The short answer is, A PLAN. There are 3 moving parts to our event mix when it comes to us travelling long distance. There is Living Firme (team and gear), the ground production (the event co-producers, sponsors, vendors and artist at the location), and of course the fans.

The Muertos by Moonlight event took almost a year to plan. Part of the long process was due to our busy schedule and part was due to our equally busy production  partner Kathy Cano-Murillo. Kathy is an influencer with a bit of a crossover audience.  We pooled together our resources and brought in vendors who fit our crowd and some that even had a following of their own.

We started out with a pretty large social audience to market to so reaching fans was not an issue. And because of Kathy’s sponsorship connections, we were able to offer free tickets.  YES! We all posted to all our social platforms and it was on and poppin’.

As you can imagine, with a crowd like this, the vendors were pretty happy. The fans had a great time being entertained and taking pictures with the cast, the cars and of course, one another.

We don’t usually have time to see what’s happening at all the booths once we get started but it’s always fun to catch up on all the fun by checking out some of the postings on social media.

We also love to do a behind the scenes, live video BEFORE the event gets started.  It’s a cool way to get to know the vendors and thank them for their time and hard work.

If you’re an artist or vendor, maybe YOUR next step is creating your own pop ups or markets. Just remember that events are A LOT of WORK. It literally takes a village and if you don’t have a staff, or a big-baller budget, you will need a GOOD plan.

We did it and you can too.

We are blessed to have the fame of Mi Vida Loca as an added incentive for people to come to our events. We realize that not everyone has an instant fan base. It may take you a while to build your audience but you can do it. Be patient and focus on building a quality network. Find artists and vendors that you love. Collaborate with people that you can both learn from and teach.  And most importantly, make sure that your event is about the people you invite.  Every guest is special.

We try to give people rock star service because to us, that’s what Living Firme is about. Live well and treat others well. There really is no secret sauce that will ever top that.

Do you have a venue that you’d like to bring the Living Firme night market to? Fill out the form below and tell us more.

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