Living Firme Back for 2nd Training at University of California, Riverside

In May, Living Firme had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented and influential mujeres. We had initially scheduled to do onsite training, but Covid-19 foiled our plans. Luckily, Zoom came to the rescue. We were able to adapt our four-hour wellness curriculum to meet these faculty and staff members’ needs.

The burnout rate for educators is high.

In May, a survey to learn how best to support teachers coping during the pandemic was done. The survey included 92 questions related to burnout, efficacy, techno-stress, attitudes toward change, resources, demands and coping. The hope is that findings can help how we can consider supporting educators during this pandemic. One of the key takeaways was something that seems obvious but is often ignored.

 Perceived support matters to educator resiliency.

Survey data demonstrated that teachers who perceived high parental support or high administrator support coped better. Teachers who perceive collegial support, who set limits on their time, and who practice self-understanding are more successful in recovering efficacy and coping

Living Firme works with populations who have high-stress jobs and lives. We meet so many people who dedicate their lives to doing good work in the community yet feel overwhelmed, ineffective, and unsupported. Kudos to Estella Acuña, Director, of Chicano Student Programs, for understanding the needs of her staff and students.

We were able to work with Estella to create a lunchtime series that focused on, mindfulness, goal setting, time management and emotional intelligence. The series went so well that we have been invited back to work with the students.

We are excited to have seamlessly transitioned our unique live training to an online platform and look forward to working with more clients online.


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