What we learned from a Pinche Vegan!

We are a body positive company, which means we celebrate bodies of all shapes and sizes AND we encourage healthy living in body, mind and spirit. That being said, we have already begun to hear people panic about getting their summer bodies ready. We are not planning on getting into any bikinis but we DO plan on being fit enough to enjoy our families during the warm months. We’d like to share with you how some small changes can make a big difference in how you look and feel about life.

** No, you don’t have to become a Pinche Vegan!

A few months ago, we were blessed to share a meal with Pinche Vegan Chef Linda Alcalá. We challenged her to make something, easy, affordable and of course, DELICIOUS. Here’s a clip of what went down.

Chef Linda not only shares her recipe but also her way of Living Firme.

Chef Linda BRINGS IT ON in the kitchen! Follow her on IG @pincheveganchef (https://www.instagram.com/pincheveganchef/)

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Some people think we are crazy to embark on a journey like this at our age. We think that people should pursue their passion at ANY age. Thanks go out to so many of you that are already proudly wearing LIVING FIRME. PLEASE tag us on your Facebook and Instagram pics so we can feature YOU on our Pages. EMAIL us HERE

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