Building Our Business and Supporting other Local Businesses

One of the things that gives us great pleasure is working with other small businesses. We are constantly on the lookout for talented people to help us bring our visions to life. We didn’t realize that our hunt for the perfect tank would lead us to another wonderful new business partner!

A few years ago, when she first started on this wonderful adventure, Sparkles was creating her tank tops, one-at-a-time. She would literally go to the store, buy the shirts and take them over to her printer. When Sparkles met me (Angel), the demand for tanks increased and it made her way of getting things done, really difficult. After all, who doesn’t love a FIRME tank?!!

Together, we went through a series of vendors and printers and did a TON of research. After a year of hunting, we realized that in order to get the job done the way we wanted it done, we were going to have to manufacture our own tanks.

Los Angeles was once the epicenter of apparel manufacturing, attracting buyers from across the world to its clothing factories, sample rooms and design studios. But over the years, cheap overseas labor lured many apparel makers to outsource to foreign competitors in far-flung places such as China and Vietnam. Our friend Dorys D of DX Collective shared this very thing as the main cause of her need to start her own brand in an episode of 30 Inspiring Women. 

As Angelenos, both native and planted, Sparkles and I felt that having our gear made here, by a Latina-owned shop, was ultimately going to be the route we needed to take.  We are committed to being transparent on our journey. So we will say this, it IS more expensive than if we would’ve gone another route. In the end, we both decided that although it WILL take us longer to make that first million, we want to keep our locals working.

Here’s a little flick we shot while at Sandra’s shop.

We are so happy that you love and support our brand. Some people think we are crazy to embark on a journey like this at our age. We think that people should pursue their passion at ANY age.  Thanks go out to so many of you that are already proudly wearing LIVING FIRME. PLEASE tag us on your Facebook and Instagram pics so we can feature YOU on our Pages. EMAIL us HERE



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