Master Your Mind: Our 2nd Annual Workshop at Mi Vida!

We can hardly believe 2018 is almost over and that we are gearing up for an even more successful year of service to our fans and community.

A few weeks ago, we were on our Mastermind Call and one of the members mentioned her bond with one of the attendees at the Visioning workshop we facilitated at Mi Vida in Highland Park. It was our first. It was packed and it was beautiful!

This year we are doing another amazing, yet totally different, workshop. It will still be a 5 part series of exercises geared to help us connect to our best selves. There will still be friends made. There will still be laughs, tears, prizes and of course, food. But this year we are bringing in some new tools. We will be sharing some of our own time tested tips for staying sane, some of our newly acquired knowledge from our own adventures in wellness, and some ancient wisdom for growth and personal development.

On our Agenda this year? Life mastery.

  1. Master your CALM
  2. Master your TIME
  3. Master your MIND
  4. MASTER your BODY
  5. Master your LIFE

If you have not attended one of our workshops before, you should. It’s hard to put into words how people feel afterwards. Suffice to say we get calls from people reporting breakthroughs even months after they have attended. Although we just started our workshops in January, Sparkles and I have been working on the facilitation of these types of events for over a decade. I have coached tens of women around the world and it gives me great pleasure to share some of the techniques I’ve used to help them breakthrough to the next level of living their best lives.  And it’s been over a decade since Sparkles began creating unforgettable memories through her events. Together we bring this transformational experience to our neighborhoods, our communities, the places where our sisters and nieces and friends come together to celebrate the moment of connecting and accepting their true selves.

If you are ready to meet the woman you have always wanted to be, take the plunge and join us. It will be the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

Tickets are $49 and we have VERY limited space. Head over to





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