Homegirls Moving Adelante

“Moving Adelante is an affirmation for us at Living Firme. Adelante means to go forward into the future. Adelante is also a way to grant a person permission to enter or move ahead. We wanted everyone who wore these words to give themselves permission to enter… maybe into a new day or even a new life! We are giving ourselves permission to move forward, to conquer fears and any obstacles from our past. We are giving ourselves the permission to be EXACTLY what we were created to be. FABULOUS! And we want the same for every one of you.” #HomegirlsMovingAdelante

We have been posting all week about our newest T. We printed this shirt for our annual networking event last year. We got so many comments on it that we decided to reprint and release it publicly this year. A huge thank you goes to our printer Los (@SRVNTZ on IG).

This is another collaboration with Amber Tilden. We wanted to update the style but keep the concept. We Love the result and hope you do too.

We made a little flick explaining a little more about why we made this shirt.

“As we mature (you know, get older & wiser and cuter 😉) we realize that our homegirls all come from the same state… of mind. Moving Adelante is not always easy but we work hard to develop a mindset that commits to positivity. We work to let go of past ideas or beliefs that don’t serve our mission of making our world a better place. 🖤 “


“Change can be a scary thing. We all know people that will sit in situations that are not good for them because they’re too afraid of change. Moving Adelante means you may have to make some changes in order to evolve to your next best self. We support our Homegirls Moving Adelante because we recognize that when one homegirl shines, we all shine. Encourage one another to keep moving forward in your pursuits of excellence! Put your best foot forward. We believe in you!!!”

If you are feeling our vibe and want to purchase this limited edition T-shirt, head on over to ShopLivingFirme.com

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