New Shop Drop! BE Autèntica!

Be Authèntica
adjective : Be true to your own personality, spirit, or character.

We get it. We live in a world where we want acceptance, we want to belong. It’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to get busy and not devote enough time to remembering who we TRULY are. This shirt serves as a reminder to pay homage to our ancestors as well as to remember that we came here with a purpose. We came to be the very best version of our authentic selves. It may not be what everyone loves, likes, appreciates or agrees with, but it is genuine and real. And in that space, we can be at peace.

We recently read an article that stunned us…

It talked about how Instagrammers were all starting to look the same. The headline read “Why be you when you can be me?” What? We are a culture, so diverse and full of beauty it would take forever to document all the unique characteristics. From food, to fashion, to music and artistry, there is so much to celebrate.

We don’t want to be the same. We want to be original, genuine, real. We want to BE Autèntica. That’s why we created this shirt. We want to fuel a movement. We want to celebrate the real YOU.

Art by Amber Tilden concept by Living Firme.



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