Our Mastermind Client Produced her first Car show!

When our amiga and client Selina Lievanos aka @hrtlss1 told us she was going to put on a carshow, we were SO EXCITED! Lowrider shows are super fun and a LOT of work. Anyone who plans events can tell you that the more part you have, the more hectic it can be. But homegirl made it happen!

First of all we would like to share that anyone who knows HRTLSS, knows that she is not one to be F*c#3* with, she has a heart of gold. Her first event was a fundraiser for a family that lost their baby girl to illness. It was such a success that the venue, asked her to create the Lowrider show a month later!

We caught up with her the week before the car show. Where many people would be a wreck before an event, she of course was chill…

Many people who watched our LIVE on Facebook had also seen her on the streetscholars podcast. If you want to be inspired, it’s truly worth the listen!

Thanks to our brilliant photographer @aem_photos_ who HRTLSS1 also hired for this event, we can now share some awesome pics.

HRTLSS1 gave US an award! Can you believe it? Our most humble accomplishent is to be recognized as motivators, encouragers and supporters.

Lowrider Event Orange County California 2019

Always good to catch up to friends. Pictured here are @spidershood @veroechopark, @yes_babydoll and of course your comadres at Living Firme.

Signing autographs for friends and fans.

We love that these events are not only family friendly but they are a place where business owners bring their family to work.

As you can see, it was a good time and it will happen again. HRTLSS1 says next year will be even better!

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