Our Workshop for The Southern Counties Training Association

We had the pleasure of presenting at a statewide Standards and Training for Corrections audience at the 2018
Training Managers Seminar!

This was the first workshop that we gave with an audience full of people in state and county,government offices. We went into this workshop not really knowing what to expect but as ALWAYS we set our intention for each and every one of our attendees to leave more enlightened and encouraged than they arrived.

It was a total SUCCESS!!!

Our workshops are created by a couple of regular, everyday chicas who took a chance and embarked on something extraordinary. We introduce self care and wellness in a way that is fun and unexpected. We laugh and cry and most of all we create a safe space for our guests to get real and make positive changes in the way they think and feel about life.

We have a mission to not just grow our own business but also to help others to use their talents to serve, grow and economically flourish. We like to work with like-minded people and we were blessed to find certified yoga instructor, Taina Berardi for our movement section. She not only facilitated a great, doable, yoga-flow, from the chair, she shared her wellness journey and gave us the most beautiful feedback.

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This week I was #LivingFirme with @angelawakened and @sparkles_sparkles_1 the two very inspirational female forces behind the @livingfirme brand and events. 💃🏻💃🏽 These Latinas are all about bringing positivity, self-discovery, transformation, passion, advocacy, and big dreams to the community. Via a motivational speaking series and workshop, they help anyone and everyone, from tatted up cholos to administrators from the California Probation Department, transform their mindset to one of growth and big picture thinking. 🧠💡✨ Meditation and yoga have played a huge role in Angela’s (aka #SadGirl from #MiVidaLoca) healing journey, so they invited me to join their workshops this week to teach a yoga component at their event here in #SanDiego. I was WOWED by their enthusiasm and presence, motivated to continue dreaming BIG, and reminded that “taking chances” and “being uncomfortable” are two of the most important components of growth and achieving success. If you are too comfortable with what you are doing, you are not challenging yourself enough, you are not reaching high enough, nor dreaming big enough. 🆗🙌🏽 I was also affirmed in my beliefs that yoga is truly for everyone and I need to be a part of democratizing it. One of my primary goals when embarking on my journey as a yoga teacher was to bring yoga to minority communities: Latinx, African American, underprivileged youth, people with chronic disease, the elderly, etc. My Yoga Therapy training is part of that personal mission, but I will definitely be working more on the advocacy and community aspects in near the future. So many ideas and so much opportunity to shed light on health and wellness for the communities that need it most! 🤝🆘 Thanks again @angelawakened and @sparkles_sparkles_1 for reminding me that service and solidarity (just as much as serenity and savasana) are good for the soul. ✨🙏🏽❤️🧘🏽‍♀️ P.S. They have some bomb merch including my new fav yoga tee: #LaYogaChola 🕉 _____ #livinglavidayoga #yogaoffthemat #yogatherapytraining #giveback #sandiegoyoga #yogasandiego #willtravelforyoga #latinasdoyoga #yogaforeveryone #firmeyoga #communityyoga #yougetyoga #yogalife #yoga

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We are proud of the work we do. If you have a community organization that you would like us to facilitate a workshop for, please fill out the form below.

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