Sparkles shines in a new video collaboration!

Yes we are posting this because Sparkles is super cute but more importantly, this video represents so much what Living Firme is all about.

The Mas Masa ‘Christmas Edition’ features goodies created by some incredible vendors. From earrings, to baby items, beauty products to clothing, you WILL find something unique and special from one of the many highlighted shops. The video was a great collab since we already love the talented, Silvia S.S of Mas Masa and Abuela’s Kitchen, and Sparkles is always excited to share the items, artists and businesses she finds on or offline.

At Living Firme, we have been blessed to work with some incredible people and we don’t keep our resources a secret.

We love collaboration.

Collaborating is not just something we do occasionally, it is a part of our brand identity. Our events, our merchandise, and our mindsets are ALL about highlighting the work of others along with ourselves. You see,  we truly believe that when you KNOW you are all that, you have the courage to speak life into the lives and businesses of the people around you. This philosophy has served us well. Collaborations allow like-minded businesses to come together and share their strengths. We will be adding a blog post on some tips to great collaborations soon.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out all the shops listed in the video!

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