Okay, we can all agree that this year is not going as anyone planned! Living during a time of a pandemic, despite all our technological advances, can truly bring forth feelings of compassion for anyone else back in the days who lived through plagues and pandemics. But even with all our advancements, unless you live off the grid, there are very few human beings who have not been affected somehow.

These times have left most with the same question: “What do I do now?’ Surprisingly, it has pushed many people to wake up and chase their dreams. Many people who lost their jobs have decided what the next step will be in their future. The time off has afforded people the gift of time and given some the time they needed to slow down and think. We’re in the time to think and plan, to make plans for making moves.

That idea that has been marinating for years, that hobby that you have always thought you could make money on, that business you have always wanted to start… The playing field is now open! Many may think that this is not the time to start a business, to leap, but take a moment to reconsider. When would you have the time to create a comprehensive vision and plan if you worked a regular full-time job? When would you have the time to create the opportunities that set your soul on fire? Are you planning out how to live your best life while you’re grinding in your 9-5? The time is now to take the leap! There is strength in numbers and in support. Here at Living Firme we not only believe that, but we nurture that too, through our MasterMind Groups.

Do not let 2020 become the year that you “should have” when you can still make it the year that you “DO”! Sharpen your personal and business skills with a team that genuinely cares and wants to see you rise to success. We invite you to take the leap.

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{Written for Living Firme: by Maralis Self}

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