The Living Firme VIsioning Workshop For Men Follow Up

We had our first ever Visioning Workshop for Men. We worked really hard to make this a transformational time for our men.  Check out this cool flick done by our photographer Armando Melendez.

It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to create an event that comes off so beautifully.  Especially when so many things happened to trip us up. One partner ended up in the hospital.

Angel is doing better now but that day, Ms Sparkles Totally held it down.

So did our guest speakers

  1. Los @messiahs_misfit_  of SRVNTZ Brand
  2. Robert “Bobby” Garcia , Assistant Executive Director of restorative justice organization JRJI
  3. Rick Garcia  of Dia De Los Puercos

These men brough not only their wealth of knowledge but their willingness to be open, was beyond inspiring.

We received a ton of great feedback from the men that attended

Great time with firme gente at the #LivingFirme2019 event #MensWorkshop2019 it’s always good networking with solid homies & supporting one another. The hate is Real so we must do what we can to show love & rise together theres more than enough out here for all us to eat. Let’s build bridges not burnbridges #OGBigWicked 👑 #RealOnezApparel @realonezapparel big shout out to @sparkles_sparkles_1  @angelawakened @livingfirme  @diadelospuercos @srvntz  @elchefeddlp  @carlos_ponce_ @extendedfamilyapparel @inkjunkies81 @el_famouso @ricks_custom_creations all the homies I met there spensa too many IG names to remember & of course shout out to my homies who came through 👊💯💯💯

This event was fun, the networking that took place was amazing but the full extent of the transformation these men will experience, remains the most exciting part. These workshops are just a beginning. When people come together to make a decision to change patterns of thought and or behavior, miracles can happen. We have seen it happen and love to hear the stories of how lives are changed, one, simple-step, at a time.

Well, on to our next workshop.

Al rato.

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