The Mi Vida Loca Film Bar Challenge

When a packed schedule only leaves a sliver of time for us to make something special happen for our Mi Vida Loca fans… We figure it out!

We often get asked why we don’t do more screenings of Mi Vida Loca. The truth is that the film is very hard to come by AND in order to do things right, a license is required to screen it. We get approached by all types of venues but we often can’t make a screening happen. This was the case when the people at the FilmBar in Phoenix approached us. The truth is that we really didn’t have time to do a whole movie screening and meet and greet SO… we improvised.

We worked with the venue to create a themed event that was short and sweet but also high impact for our fans. One thing we know, is that our fans want to have items signed, they want to take pics, share their stories and of course HAVE FUN.

We aim to please…

You know, thanks to Ms. Sparkles, we did TONS of raffles

We had trivia, a QNA and even sang happy birthday to our brother Arthur (aka Shadow) Scroll through the next Instagram post to hear the shenanigans!

In the end, what appeared to be a set back, actually turned out to be a total success. It was a sold out event and everyone went home HAPPY!


Do you have a venue you would like to have a meet and greet at? Fill out the form below:

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