The Personal Development Junto

I’m ready now, sign me up!

Our Personal Development Junto is for the person who is just looking for a new way to live her best life. This group meets on Tuesday night at 8pm and is for the woman ready to step into her greatness by letting go of old stories, labels, hurts and resentments. She is READY to find and or live a passionate and purpose filled life, whatever that looks like for her. These are some deep conversations we are having. We are often peeling through layers of beliefs that we have held onto that have not served us. The work in this group is hard for some because many of us have been conditioned to manage emotions in a certain way.

Where ever you are, come as you are! We meet on Zoom.

Who is in the group? Who is the ideal member?

  • You want to work on personal relationships
  • You want to grow both professionally and personally
  • You want to brainstorm creative solutions with your peers
  • You want to be help accountable and reach bigger goals
  • You want to work on an abundance mindset and or your spirituality
  • You want an encouraging team working on your behalf
  • You want to be supported and are willing to be supportive to the other members too
  • You want to break out of your box and reach new levels of success
  • You can commit to attending and participating in the meetings

Do you lack the confidence, or self esteem to do the things you have wanted to do? Are your relationships suffering because you are too stubborn to reach out and let others help you? We have been there!

Our groups are set at a price that should easily be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself. You may attend both tracks but please purchase one track at a time.

Let’s do this!

What happens during meetings?

The meeting starts with everyone in the group sharing a success they had from the last meeting. Then, there may be a short education segment to discuss a topic or a chapter from a book. We then have the “Hot Seats” portion of the meeting which takes the bulk of the time. We end with everyone setting a goal to accomplish before the next meeting.

A hot seat is where you get the opportunity to address your question or problem to the group. You’re forced to gain clarity about what you are asking, so you can explain it. The rest of the members brainstorm to help provide solutions. You will find that you’ll get more ideas and insights than you can generate on your own.Depending on the number of members and the length of the meeting, a hot seat can last from 15 to 30 minutes. Masterminds that run for a half day or are  during a retreat weekend, can be a hour or longer.

Hot seats should be part of every meeting, and all members should get to be in the hot seat at least once a month.

Do I have to participate in the “hot seat”?

The “hot seat” is the essence of the mastermind group. It’s where you get your problems addressed and everyone contributes to the discussion to help you. You don’t want to miss out on this important benefit. This is one of the main reasons people come to a mastermind.

Some people feel shy or introverted or they worry they may not have an idea to contribute. But the groups are small and the facilitator puts everyone at ease. You’ll be surprised how much everyone can learn from you, too.

Everyone gets a chance to speak in turn, this is not a free for all. The facilitator gives equal weight to everyone. Many times you will have an idea to contribute, but if not, you’re not required to.

What commitment do you expect from me?

Commit to participate in all meetings, show up on time, participate in the “hot seat”,  offer help to others when you have something to give, listen fully, and ask clarifying questions when needed.

What if I miss a meeting?

It is important to attend all meeting. However, when vacations and emergencies occur, please notify the facilitator in advance. You will lose the meeting but you will not lose your spot in the group.

What happens after I join?

You will receive an email with the suggested group guidelines, proposed agenda for our meetings and  a goal-setting worksheet. There will be an introductory meeting. In this kickstart meeting, we get to know each other, discuss the guidelines, agenda and set goals. Before each of the six meetings, you’ll get an email with the meeting video conference access.

Ok. Now I am ready. Let’s do this!

P.S. – Remember, you are 100% protected with a 30-Day, Unconditional, Money Back Guarantee. So if you for ANY REASON find the Mastermind not to your satisfaction, you get a FULL refund. Join us NOW!