The Vision Workshop For Men Coming Up January 13th, 2019

This workshop has been a long time coming…

When: January 13, 2019 from 1-4pm. Where: Dia De Los Puercos Pomona (115 W 2nd St, Pomona, CA 91766)

To be honest one of us did not want to get involved in men’s workshops. In spite of the many requests that came through, it seemed odd that two women would be asked to facilitate a workshop for men… At least to one of us. But the other, kept bringing up that the men in our culture don’t often have a chance to engage the wellness, self-care and/or personal development work that many of our females have.

In 2018, we did some incredible things. Our workshops have been both personally and professionally rewarding. And guess what? Some of the biggest breakthroughs reported, according to the  feedback we received, were from MEN!

So, the one who didn’t want to do the workshop, has relented. Why? Because,  each one of us is given the opportunity to grow and each one of us must decide if we will in fact GROW. She chose to abandon her own limited beliefs in this area and grow! Because men need and more importantly, WANT help too. They want a chance to learn about the tools we have used to reduce stress, increase productivity and move forward into living our best lives.


It’s important that you know that we are not doing this alone. We are facilitating our amazing 5 pillar workshop, but we have brought on board three, dynamic men, who we respect as husbands, business owners and friends. At this workshop, our guest will have a chance to make their way through our core personal development exercises AND hear the powerful stories of some extraordinary men. This workshop is going to be DEEP. We are providing a safe space for men to talk about things that are usually not openly addressed.

It’s our intention that everyone attending have a breakthrough and leave with the tools to move forward into the best chapter of their lives.

Ladies, if you know someone who could use a restart, or someone who deserves to attend a life altering event, please grab a ticket and gift it.

Fellas, this just may be the best thing you have done for yourself in ages! Don’t wait to grab your ticket. They will sell out.

The ticket for this event is just $49 and includes not only the workshop but lunch as well!!!

Come on! Eat. Drink and get ready for your breakthrough!

Grab your ticket!


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