Throwback Thursday: San Antonio

In 2017 we did a grip of events. Unfortunately, we did not have a blog. This series is to document times gone by that were not only fun, but worth posting about.

Like all our events, San Antonio started out with a plan. We made lots of calls to our friends and co- producers, Valeria Hernandez and Jovanna Lopez of The People’s Night Market. We were introduced to this dynamic duo by my long time friend, Jesse Borrego.

We LOVE these ladies and it was an instant connection. They had created their unique farmers market and their brilliant creation was inspiration for us to produce our own type of “night market.” Valeria and Jovanna served as our field producers. They have amazing relationships with venues, artists, vendors, local government and more. We were thrilled with the venue choices of both La Botanica and The Guadalupe theater.

Good collabs should be mutually beneficial for all involved. We we able to help The People’s Night Market, La Botanica and the Guadalupe increase their online visibility. We also helped co-produce two extremely well attended and successful events.

Great events are more than just numbers. In the end, great events leave a lasting impact on the attendees.

We were blessed with an abundance of amazing people on hand to help with everything from make-up, to coordination and design. Thank you to Rebel Mariposa for being the generous creator of La Botanica. Thank you to Cynthia Hernandez, Sophia Esteves, Jessica Francen. Cassandria Alvarado of Capture Existence Photography, DJ Despeinada, Omar and so many others! Thank you Doll-e-Girl, for driving for 6 days and still being ready to perform! Oh yes! The talent overflowed. With Jesse and Myra (La Tiny) Alix both on board we had a truly well rounded representation of veteran and newbie talent. We also had some AMAZING photographers on hand to capture the moments.

Had the extreme honor to shoot this event. All I wanted was just a few shots of Angel Aviles (la Sad GIrl), but what…

Posted by One Love Photography by Carmen Peña-onelovephotogsatx on Saturday, August 5, 2017

Special guest Liza Michelle, an original loca from Echo Park also came out to visit and participate in a QnA.

Like all our events, the San Antonio Tour was something special.

Like our gente, these events were culturally relevant and visually delicious.

We are truly blessed to create and share moments like these with people all over the country.

We are excited to keep the Living Firme Night Market tours going. Would you like to collaborate with us? Fill out the form below and tell us about yourself and your venue.

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