Welcome to the artist and small business owners promotion page!

Welcome. If you are here, you or someone you know are either an artist or a business owner. I am both. Sparkles and I started our business late in life and it has NOT been easy but it HAS been worth it. The best way we can think of to give back to the community is to share resources. We have built our platforms up and while we are not super famous, we do have a nice sized and very loyal fan base.

We used to do Firme Friday’s on Facebook Live and Instagram. We would share products on a weekly basis. Life has changed drastically for us but we want to do our live streams again.

Guidelines for submission

We would love to get to everyone but the fact is that we may not always be able to do so. This is a free opportunity for you so please be patient as we process as many requests as we can with the resources that we have.